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TONGUE TIED by Crystin Morgan

The romance between young lovers Chase and Ariel – a beautiful mute – has had its fair share of setbacks. And now the police have hauled Chase's closest friend Dilon in for questioning...

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THE FORMULA by Crystin Morgan

Twenty-two-year-old Vic Tomlinson is embarking on his legal career while Colin Campbell is on trial for murdering his wife. The prosecution's case is water tight. But Campbell's evidence is astonishing.

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PRICELESS by Crystin Morgan

A gang of art thieves is running rampage around the world. International police forces are baffled – and to make matters worse, the criminals are developing a taste for murder.

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THE THIRD WIFE by Crystin Morgan

Four women meet at the local hangout for women with impeccable nails, waiting-list handbags and banker husbands. Between sips of cappuccino and espresso, one tells an extraordinary tale.