TONGUE TIED by Crystin Morgan

The fourth in the LiBREttO series of short stories by
Crystin Morgan

Few people can claim to have a perfect relationship (and those who do are probably hiding something). The romance between young lovers Chase and Ariel has had its fair share of set-backs too. There’s Chase’s notorious womanising, for one, not to mention an ex-girlfriend and her businessman father – a man with dubious connections to say the least – neither of whom you’d be advised to cross if you could help it.

The fact that Ariel is mute can’t help either (she hasn’t spoken a word in her life, though doctors can’t figure out why). 

But despite everything, Chase and Ariel are back on track. And Dilon – Chase’s closest friend since they were boys together at school – couldn’t be happier for them. So why have the police hauled Dilon in for questioning? What's Chase been up to now? 
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